Assistant Director of Admissions for Transfer Outreach and Recruitment – East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University Office of Undergraduate Admissions is seeking to fill the position of Assistant Director of Admissions for Transfer Outreach and Recruitment:

Job Summary:

Leads the development, implementation, and oversight of a comprehensive plan for undergraduate transfer student outreach and recruitment that provides a distinctive focus on diverse populations (e.g., direct transfers from community colleges or other universities and adults 25 years or older who are transfers seeking to re-enroll and build on previously acquired credit to complete a credential or advance in the workplace).
Utilizes a team approach to carry out responsibilities by actively collaborating and developing cooperative working relationships.

Works with Admissions Office staff and other campus stakeholders involved in the recruitment, advisement and enrollment of transfer students to develop and refine a comprehensive plan for undergraduate transfer student outreach and recruitment to ensure accountability, sharing of information with attention to avoid unnecessary duplication by the range of campus stakeholder and a review of the ROI.
Strengthens partnerships within and outside the University to serve students and provide seamless assistance to students in acquiring information and services
Builds and coordinates reporting that depicts to scope of activities by the University that seek to address transfer student recruitment and enrollment.
Primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the University’s recruitment plan for transfer student populations.
Formulation and implementation of best practices relationship building and communication designed to recruit and enroll transfer students.

This position will serve as part of the Enrollment Services team and will engage collaboratively with enrollment professionals in the unit as well as with others on campus involved in recruitment efforts.

Serves as a member of the “Student Recruitment Council” a body chaired by the Vice Provost for Enrollment Services that meets on a pre-determined calendar and reports each semester to the Academic Council.

Monitors transfer recruitment activities to ensure campus wide sharing and timing of plans.

Participates in on and off campus prospective and yield events including community college visits, Open House events, Orientations, and available training opportunities.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of university policies, procedures, structure and services offered
Knowledge of university admission requirements
Knowledge of registration procedures and steps for enrollment
Knowledge of current career trends
Knowledge of course equivalencies and transfer issues
Knowledge of promotional materials for all academic and student services areas at ETSU
Knowledge of university catalog including degree requirements for all programs and majors
Knowledge of all university policies regarding admission, retention and graduation requirements
Knowledge of applicable Tennessee Code Annotated

Ability to communicate effectively to large groups or individuals
Ability to gather, analyze and interpret data
Ability to counsel students and parents regarding university related matters
Ability to work independently towards enrollment goals and objectives

Required Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree required.
Proven excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Available to attend events during evenings and weekends and out of town.
Overnight travel may be required.
Two years’ experience working in a higher education institution is required.
Valid driver’s license.

Preferred Qualifications:
Master’s degree preferred.
Experience using Constitution Relationship Management (CRM) or similar technology in a university setting is preferred.
Experience in marketing, recruitment, admissions, and/or related experience is preferred.

Level 9 – Administrative

Application Deadline: 4/18/2018

Dr. Ramona Williams<>