Admissions/Recruitment Coordinator – Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia

Admissions/Recruitment Coordinator – Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia:


* Reports to the Vice President for Advancement & Alumni
* Works with the Program Administrator in admission related issues

Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Program Administrator, creates and maintains proper admission files for applicants/prospective students. Under the direction of the Vice President for Advancement & Alumni, coordinates and attends recruiting events.


* Bachelor’s degree preferred
* Two (2) years of experience serving in an admissions office or equivalent
* Intimate knowledge of admissions procedures
* Strong computer skills in MS Outlook, Word and Excel
* Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively work with students, staff, faculty and the public

* Guides prospective applicants in the admissions process for all programs including DNAP-PD, DNAP-C, Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship, and non-degree seeking courses
* Updates form and submits application information to NursingCAS
* Creates spread-sheet of salient admission requirements to share with the Screening and Admissions Committees for all programs
* Answers questions posed by applicants
* Reviews transcripts and tabulates science and cumulative GPAs from all college transcripts on each applicant
* Prepares, documents, and maintains selected institutional records, and prepares reports related to the admissions portion of the program
* Participates in review of accreditation self-study documents
* Receives applicant documentation and organizes admissions materials
* Schedules interviews for applicants
* Informs applicants of the Admissions Committee’s decision regarding selection or denial to the program
* Receives and records health history information for accepted candidates.
* Meets with applicants to answer questions regarding the application/interview process and the anesthesia program along with a tour of the facility
* Organizes an Open House for prospective applicants to visit the MTSA campus and meet members of Administration, Faculty and current students
* Coordinates recruiting efforts by analyzing events to include in the schedule
* Complete paperwork to attend nursing conventions and assemble materials to ship to convention sites
* Attends recruiting events throughout the year
* Enters new student information in CAMS
* Coordinates student/staff activities with MTSA’s Pencil Partner, Maplewood Comprehensive High School
* Receives and electronically processes bank deposits
* Assists the Vice President for Advancement & Alumni in completing the HRSA Grant application twice each year
* Answers the main campus line in addition to the Admission’s Office line
* Assists with other School related activities and projects
* Perform tasks and duties as required by Safety Committee involvement
* Organizes a Career Fair twice per year. Invites prospective employers to exhibit and informs students of the dates and times.
* Processes all exhibitor applications for the Career Fair

Committee Involvement:
* Screening Committee, Recording Secretary
* Admissions Committee, Recording Secretary
* MTSA Staff Committee member
* Safety Committee member

Terms of Employment: Full time employment by MTSA
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