Month: May 2016

TACRAO Annual Meeting 2016 Memphis – Call for Proposals

If you are interested in presenting at the Annual Meeting in Memphis this fall, we look forward to reviewing your ideas. To submit a session proposal, please click here or use one of the attachments below.

Please note that listing a session chair/recorders is optional. If you do not list one on your proposal, one will be assigned to your session by the Board of Directors.

Proposals must be submitted no later than September 12, 2016 for full consideration. The Board of Directors will review all submissions and notify presenters of their selection by late September.

Below is a list of suggested topic areas. Remember, these are just broad suggestions, and we look forward to your creativity to make this a diverse, informative, and fun experience for conference attendees in enrollment management, admissions and records/registrar’s offices. Admissions and Enrollment Trends ▪ Electronic Records ▪ Online Education ▪ MOOCS ▪ Student Access and Success ▪ Professional Development ▪ Academic Scheduling ▪ Office Ethics ▪ International Admissions ▪ Social Media ▪ Transfer Student Articulation ▪ Recruitment Strategies ▪ Dual Enrollment ▪ Career Development ▪ Diversity ▪ Technology ▪ Student and Family Programs ▪ Campus Events ▪ Veterans Outreach Programs ▪ Leadership and Management ▪ Degree Completion ▪ Compliance ▪ Campus Visits ▪ Adult/Transitional Programs ▪ Undocumented Students ▪ Office Morale ▪ Affirmative Action ▪ FERPA

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